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Today I found an interesting deal for a graphics card. A Sapphire HD 5850 1GB for about 113€ or 168$ or 100£. The question is, is it worth to buy a rather old card or should I go with a more recent card like an HD 6850 for 130€ or 193$ or 115£, even if it performs worse?
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  1. These cards are great value for money and have been about for a little while now. Its not just the sapphire cards either i have seen XFX cards at the same prices at some outlets, XFX Overclocked versions as well.
    Is it worth getting ? I say yes it is if you have yet to upgrade from the 4 series then its unbelievable performance for the price.

    Mactronix :)
  2. Agreed, the 6800 series was not an improvement over the 5800 series. It was a mid-range product and confusing on release. The 6900 series is the improvement. For the price the 5800 series is a good buy, if you are running 1920x1080 it will last you for sometime.
  3. Yep, the 5850 is great at stock and at moderate resolutions, and it is a decent overclocker (for later on).
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