Atom intel 945 motherboard audio issue

dear frnd

I have An Issue With My Motherboard My audio Tempos go"s up & down
so plz help me
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    Dear friend please explain what you mean by tempos going up and down :)
    a little more information about your hardware and sound card would be helpful.
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  3. dear
    i wnt 2 say that sometime my audio wire get pluy and after few min automatic gets unpluy and usb also not working
  4. Get into the device manager.
    Goto your USB audio device which "pluy's and unpluy's (Whatever that means)" automatically and uncheck the power management of the rig.
    Meaning there is a Box which says, Allow the Computer to Switch off this Device to Save Power, you need to uncheck that.
  5. dear
    frnd did u r on fb so that we contact
  6. I'm here at Tom's anytime.
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