On x58 i7920 cpu...get Sandy Bridge E or wait Ivy Bridge

Basically I'm a huge gamer and love to play games on maximum settings as well as multitask with diff screens etc.

Currently running
2x 580,
i7 920@ 3.7ghz
6gb Corsaid Dom ram
Asus p6x58d premium

Want to make sure that I can play games like Skyrim, BF3, SWTOR, etc at highest settings when released. I'm currently running at 1920x1080 resolution...I've noticed in WoW that in really crowded areas my fps tends to drop to around 45-50 even with 2x 580...can this be attributed at all to the cpu?

Anyway, my main question is...should I upgrade to x79 platform and grab a 3960 OR wait till Q2 2012 and get the Ivy Bridge processors...I feel I'm due for an update and want to make sure I get maximum performance in games/apps

Thanks in advanced!
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  1. Just wait ivy released. That's you need total upgrade hardware.
  2. i would hold off--thats a really good setup as it is

    i am currently running

    i7 920 at 4.2ghz

    120gb mushkin chronos sata 3 ssd

    asus gtx570 overclocked to 850mhz gpu and 4300mhz memory

    12gb patriot viper low latency 1600mhz

    never played wow but every game i have thrown at it at 1920 x 1200 resolution it plays easily

    unless something comes out that makes a large difference such as pci-e 3 graphics cards or you have money to burn i cant see that you could do a lot better than what you have now
  3. Wait Ivy or even the next gen.
    effectively PCIe 3.0 is coming soon but according to articles I read, we merely tap PCIe 1.0 and we are far from reaching PCIe 2.0.
    Your rig is perfect for another 2 years by which in the meantime I may only replace the GPU as games come with more fluffy polygons and shaders... :P
    Though I do not think you have anything to fear with 2 580 for the next two years to be honest.
  4. How fast is your internet connection?
  5. 50 mb/s download 10/up

    pretty sure that's not the problem
  6. It's nothing on your end, doesn't matter what your connection speed/type is, the WoW servers will lag sometimes regardless of what you do. And, as has been suggested, I'd wait for Ivy or later.
  7. cheebamaster said:
    50 mb/s download 10/up

    pretty sure that's not the problem

    50 mega bits or 50 mega bytes? I Have 10 MegaByte/s and yet I barely receive any lags when loading a video on youtube(480p, 1080p lag game) and play at same time... Your i7 920 will last long so all you needa do is just upgrade your GPU unless you are playing 1920x1080 and below than keep your computer for 5 years at least or when it dies... Games will take advantage Quad Cores or HTT/8 Threads of the CPU and i'll bet you it wont slow you down in any games for the next 7 years...
  8. Wait. You still have a very capable system.
  9. I would get what comes AFTER Ivy Bridge. You're completely wasting your money otherwise.
  10. Okay thanks for saving me a bunch of time and money guys! Only reason I was wondering is because my fps would drop in super crowded areas in WoW and I thought it might be my cpu. Just want to make sure I can nerd out on enthusiast settings in upcoming Skyrim :D
  11. Please don't upgrade your OCd i7-920 due to WoW.

    All you WoWers should be on new MMOs by now anyways. :) Don't want to be hooked as they destroy it with expansion content like what happens to all MMORPGs.
  12. slow down in super crowded areas does not ONLY mean it comes from your end side CPU/GPU wise. The game engine as well as Wow server do have CAPS they can hardly get above without a cough.
  13. why dont you wait for bulldozer octacore cpuz from amd?
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