MSI vs ASrock (h77)

im making a build with the i5-3450 CPU, and radeon hd 7850 GPU.
it is a micro ATX build, and i am stuck deciding between two different motherboards.
i dont plan to OC the CPU, but i might try doing it to the memory or GPU.

ASRock h77m: $85

MSI h77ma-g43: $89

as far as i can see, the MSI has 4 DDR3 slots(1600MHz or up to 2400MHz OC) , and the ASRock only has 2 slots (1600MHz only).

so it appears that the MSI is a little bit better, as it has the ability for me to upgrade and/or expand the RAM in the future.

my question is:
are there any quality issues with these brands that would make me chose one over the other?
or are they both bad, and should i take the equivalent asus ($89, 2x DDR3) or gigabyte ($99, 4x DDR3) boards instead?
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  1. They are both same, in quality and the features.

    Same class : )

    Either one will do fine for your CPU .
  2. ASRock has HDMI, but u can use the DVI too.
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