Will motherboard crash ?


i am thinking of buying a large cooler for my i5-760 cpu, but the thing is i am always mending and moving my pc, and i have been reading on the net that if someone dropped his case even an inch height, or moved it alot with a large cooler installed it will crack the motherboard.

now i really would like to have a big cooler like frio ock (1,100g) in order to have best overclocking margin, so what should i do, buy small cooler like hyper 212(and then i will be limited with overclocking), or go big and not be afraid of anything ?!

p.s. watercooling is not an option for me !

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  1. Hyper 212 is not considered a small cooler but I would not be afraid of anything, just be careful moving it around (you already should be)!
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