Hd 5770 or motherboard

9 months later i buyed a pc
configs are
core i7 930
radeon hd 5770
4 gb ddr 3 ram
1 tb hdd
stock psu 400 watt

on 9th march i was playing crysis 2 leaked version online and suddenly my sytem crashed.i tot maybe it was overheating issue but when i checked the pc the psu was dead,hdd crashed,graphic card display not working...............
ohk so it took 15 days to get a new replaced hdd
over 40 days to get replaced graphic card
and then i decided to buy new psu of cooler master 600 watt and so i buyed

juust before 7 days i was playin assasin creed brotherhood and my gpu temperature are above then normal .i ignored it but then suddenly my system again crashed
and then it restarted and then again and again my pc was restarting

my retailer has no idea what has happened now

he is also ssayin it might b a motherboard or graphic card issue

but i need someone help regarding this..plz help
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  1. m waiting for the answerrrrrrrrrrrr plz sme1 help
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