Asus crosshair 3 ocz black edition and evga 460 sc

Hello everyone

I am new to the forums and I am having issues with my pc. I used to know how to overclock but this asus crosshair 3 has WAY more options then I have seen before on a mobo.

What I am looking for is some very specific help on setting my frequencies for my ram, cpu and video card... I am not so interested in overclocking like crazy, I would just like to make sure I am getting the most from what I have at a good stable place.

When I open and run amd overdrive on the main page it says my ram is running at 533 mhz but i have 1600 ram

Here are some specs on my machine please let me know what other information you may need to assist me.

Crosshair 3 mobo with most recent bios Crosshair-III-Formula BIOS 2003

Windows 7 x64

I have 2 packs of ocz3be1600c8lv4gk this is the dual pack so I have 4 sticks of OCZ3BE1600C8LV2G 90% sure that is the way those model numbers change because I bought dual packs

my video card is evga gtx 460 sc I have been trying the most recent stable and beta drivers

My computer has run great for the last year+ I have had it but now with diablo 3 I have blue screened 3 times :( I have also been experiencing a lot of video lag in the game

Thank you in advance for your help and time concerning this matter... I used to know how to overclock back in the 90's/00's.... man have they added a LOT of stuff in this crosshair 3
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  1. To address your RAM issue:

    The 533MHz reading is half of your effective RAM speed, but 1066MHz still isn't 1600 or even 1333. The manufacturer's website states that your motherboard only supports 1333 and 1066MHz RAM without being overclocked. I would suggest going into your BIOS and manually adjusting your RAM clock or enabling some sort of built-in overclock setting.

    No motherboard with which I have worked downclocks RAM at idle, but I have heard that the feature exists on certain AM2 and AM3 boards (don't quote me on that). Disabling a the power save function in your BIOS should help resolve this issue. It is highly unlikely that this is causing you problems.

    My suggestions on overclocking your GPU:

    I have the same video card as you. I'm running Windows 8 RP with the 302.82 drivers from Nvidia. I found a very stable overclock at 933-1867-2025, 1.062v. I left the memory clock alone, as increasing it didn't really make much of a difference at this clock speed.

    Perhaps, the performance of my setup is not enough for you. At 1.075v, I can achieve 975-1950-2200. Anything faster is unstable for me and increasing the voltage to the 1.087v maximum does very little to help. Another user on this forum (maybe it was a different forum) claims to have achieved 1GHz at 1.075v with factory memory clock. I would link it, but I can't find it now.

    Also, I use EVGA Precision X 3.02 for my tuning. It's an EVGA card; why not? 3.03 is out, but only affects GTX 580 users.
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