Monitor shuts off with a buzzing sound

My PC can for fine for hours on end and it forked fine after upgrading it for a month.

As of two days ago, my computer would freeze, then the monitor would shut off, then I'd hear a loud buzzing sound coming form my speakers. Everything returns to normal after a few seconds and I've lost absolutely no data.

Both times that this has happened to me were when I was listening to iTunes and just to see if it was a graphics card or power supply overheating, I tried playing an hour of Crysis 2 at 1080 at max settings with DX11 and hi res textures on and I got no problems.

What's happening to my PC and can I fix this without having to purchase new hardware?
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  1. it sounds like a short of some kind or a bad cap discharging. the noise is most likely a residual current being shoved through from some cap that discharged late on your MB.

    visualy inpsect your board and sound card for any burst caps or leaking caps. even solid caps can burst/leak as i dont know of any MB's that truly have solid caps in the solid sence. its all a marketing gimic, but thats a discussion for another time.

    try and force this to happen on your comp, see if there is anything or any combination of things you can do to make this occure. perhaps playing lots of music while watching videos or maxing out your CPU/video card.

    if it is a bad cap i would expect this to happen when the comp is idleing along doing something small but steady then gets a large power request. I would test this by setting up rthdribl and prime95 and just let them sit ready to start there tests. play music for 15 min or so then start both of them at the same time. this will max your CPU and video card power draw, if the comp shuts down its a bad cap some place, could even be your PSU. start swaping parts and see what stops it.
  2. Still, is this a serious thing and could it totally ruin my computer?
  3. when you say everything returns to normal. does that mean you restart and it works or it comes back on as it was with out restarting?
  4. without restarting
  5. sounds more like a driver issue if its not restarting. i would pull out all your drivers and reinstall them. could be as simple as the display driver locking up. do you have any over clocks on the video card? what are your video card temps when this happens?
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