PC fan running after shutting down windows

When I am shutting down my PC, windows is off but the CPU & SMPS fan along with other cabinet fan is running continuously. Also HDD led is not blinking when PC is in working condition. When I pressed & hold the Main Button then CPU is off. Suppose I want to start the PC then after pressing the power button PC will not start but the fans start running then i have to press the reset button to start the PC. When i pressed the reset button the PC will off for a while (5sec) & then start normally. What will be the problem? Pl help me to sort out the issue
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  1. reset the power settings for your pc from BIOS. enter BIOS and look for the option for.."Load default settings"...enable that..and exit saving changes and see if it is working fine then.
  2. There may be one more reason though not highly probable...your PC might not be "earthing" or grounding properly. Use an electric tester to see if your cabinet body is not carrying a voltage.
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