PC restarts when playing heavy games like portal, gta, etc...

Me and my friend have the following specs:
i7 920 2.66
ASUS P6T Motherboard
8gb PNY and Kingston RAM
Zotac 260^2
Coolermaster Sniper Case
more than 3 Tb hard disks

both of us r facing the same problem with games, especially with the big ones.

please help us, because i can no longer take it :(
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  1. power supply? under load graphics card require more watts. makes me wonder if you have enough power reaching them/entire system
  2. Jason is write. Check you PSU make sure its good one, meaning a good brand
    you should have at least 620 watts.
    also check your temps. might be shutting down due to heat.
  3. Grab a copy of HWMonitor and check your CPU and GPU temps.
  4. the PC rebooting or shutting down is a sign of afailing psu. Funny - you mentioned everything in your system config EXCEPT the PSU. :) i hope it was a typo and how many HDD's are your running as well as the total capacity?
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