ASUS P8Z77 V LX USB 3.0 Header 19 pin but case has 20 pin

Hi there,

The Antec 302 case has an internal cable - 20-pin cable for front panel usb 3.0 which is meant to connect to the motherboard but this motherboad has
20-1 pin USB3_56 i.e 19 pin header

It states in the manual:

You can connect ASUS Front Panel USB 3.0 bracket to this connector to obtain the front panel USB 3.0 solution

First question, will the 20 pin cable fit into the 19 pin header?

Secondly, do i really need the ASUS front panel bracket?

Can anyone please shed some light on the above as i am really unsure what to do?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Saw this in the other thread, but I'll answer it here. It should work just fine. And I doubt that you NEED to use Asus' bracket, especially since the board didn't even come with one.
  2. Thanks, it appears that one of the pins on the header is not used so yeah it should work.
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