Grey Screen

Grey Screen of Death !
I have an XFX HD4850 512MB XXX Edition 650/1050Mhz.
I get some random GSOD when playing games... but in furmark doesn`t have any problems, even after 42min, the max temp being 73*C.

Google told me that is something with the amd drivers, but i really don`t know. So... what really is, and how can i fix this ?

Intel C2D E6750 stock
Asus P5K
2x1 gb kingston 800mhz
sirtec high power 500w.
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  1. Have you tried downclocking the card a bit? Try 625/1020mhz for the core/mem.
    Also, try installing the 11.4 drivers. Not sure if those affect the 4XXX series at all, but it's worth a shot.
  2. I had tried that, to downclock to the stock hd4850 version & changing the amd drivers with older ones...
  3. ghey screen of death. Can find a good friend with a different video card (nvidia) and borrow it? Then install nvidia drivers and play all your fav games? If it fixes the problem, you have a solution, if it doesn't, then your HD4850 card is probably a-okay and you might need to reinstall the OS or run a registry clean/defrag program or something. Just be careful that you don't use a graphics card that will brown out your 500w PSU.
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