Best power supply to use for i-7 2600k processor

Hello,i just want some suggestions or advice on which Power supply would be the best to use for i-7 mother would be an Asus P8H61M-LE USB 3.0 INTEL H61/DDR3 and im planning to have a Kingston (2x) 4gb memory 1333 and a 2gb Nvidia Gforce GT 440 DDR3...
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  1. Corsair PSU are quite popular right now for performance/price/reliability.
    I believe a 650 to 700 watts should be plenty enough for single processor, single GPU card and 8 gigs of ram and if you do not have an over abundance of sata ports
  2. Depends on ya GPU.GPU is the most power hungry unit you can have.
  3. wanted to.. but due to budget constraints, i opted for the gt 440 2gb..
    do you have any suggestions as to what GPU i could use but for a decent price?
  4. I agree the GTX 560 Ti is almost the best card you can get on a budget if you go NVidia for Gaming.
    but the question I have to ask you is what resolution do you plan on gaming at?
    I game at 1080p with max to ultra settings so I use a GTX 580.

    If you plan on playing Battlefiled 3 you will want the GTX 560 Ti. or at the Minimum the GTX 560 non Ti witch is the recommended card to have for the game.
    check this one out from its a GTX 560 its just a less powerful than the GTX 560 Ti he recommended.
    its $30 less than the Ti model from the same manufacturer.

    And as far as power supplies go you might want to consider a Seasonic 80plus gold rated Power supply, that seems to be a popular manufacture of power supplies used by Toms hardware in there system builds.
  5. i plan to play at 1080 pixel..
    hmmm.. i revised the pc that im going to build.
    here is what im now planning to buy..
    i5 2500K processor
    Asus P8P67 LGA 1155 P67 ATX or the Revised 3.1 - if i'll find one
    (2x)4g Corsair vengeance CL9 1.5v
    GTX 550 ti 1gb 192bit geforce nvidia video card
    1TB WD HDD
    CoolerMaster Hyper 212 or a Noctua (NH D14) CPU Cooler or CoolerMaster V8 - which would you recommend
    PSU: is 700 watts enough for all of this?

    Your recommendations and suggestions will be appreciated.. thanks
  6. A 500W psu would run that but realistically a 650W psu will run any gpu out there and gives you headroom for future upgrades.
    Buy the low profile Vengeance kit if you want to use a HSF.
    I have no idea what you plan to clock your cpu at so recommending a HS is difficult.
    The 212+/EVO and V6GT are the best CM offers imo.
    What case is this going in?
  7. a Cooler Master USP 100 is the cheapest i could afford.. would that fit to all of the above mentioned?
  8. lmbRN2k8 said:
    a Cooler Master USP 100 is the cheapest i could afford.. would that fit to all of the above mentioned?

    That case comes with a 550W psu btw and will fit air coolers up to 160mm tall no problem.
    I don't see any problems with your set-up.
  9. i just did an i5 2500k build and used a saphire hd 6870 and i average 100+ fps on bf2 completely maxed
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