GA-M61P-S3 Upgrade Issues with an AMD Athlon II X3 450

So, I recently picked up the Athlon II X3 450 to put into my GA-M61P-S3 motherboard (This is processor is on the supported list for the mobo, with a BIOS update which i have). When i installed the chip, it got stuck on POST during start up. When I rebooted the PC, the fans and lights came on, but I had no video signal. I have no idea if i bricked the chip, or if it was bad to begin with. My system also has a GTX 460, 4 sticks of DDR2 800, a PCI sound card, SATA HDD, SATA DVDRW, and its all wrapped together by a 450w PSU. Everything started right back up again when i reinstalled the old CPU (Athlon 64 3800+). any ideas? I could really use some help here as i have a replacement CPU on its way after i sent in the apparently bad one.
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  1. I believe you are on the right track and just got a bad CPU. Did you inspect the pins on it?
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    +1^ does sound like the processor also you must bear in mind the F7I BIOS update is a BETA BIOS upgrade so there could be issues there and might have to mail Gigabyte support and get onto them with regards to support with the pre BETA bios.
  3. try installing the new one then resetting the bios via the jumper or taking out the battery. also make sure that you dont have any core unlocking or turbo unlocking switches on. hope this helps!
  4. +1^ resetting the board always helps however with the flashing of the new ROM this would already have been done so not sure that will solve it.
  5. I did try pulling the battery and that didn't help. I've had a support ticket in with gigabyte for at least a week before i posted here and still have heard nothing.... so yea, I'm going to try that route again, maybe I can find a number instead of email. Do you think my PSU is to little to support the system with the upgraded CPU?
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  7. It is rather low, it is a possibility however what brand is the PSU? Is it a very entry level product? if so i would maybe recommend you take it to your nearest IT dealer and get them to chuck in i higher watt aged one and see if it makes a difference before actually purchasing a new one as it is only a possibility.
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