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Our laptop has had trouble in the recent past in coming out of hibernation. The screen remains blank, requiring a hard restart to fix it. This happened again last night, but now a restart will not help. Upon turning the laptop on, the hdd and fans can be heard. It appears to be booting to a point, but stopping short. No display shows at dim screen or faint images at all.

So far we have plugged another monitor in (pressing Fn + F5 to switch to it) with no luck. We've swapped hdds with no luck. All we have narrowed it down to is graphics card, but it seems impossible to find replacement cards (our mobo has no onboard graphics but has an ATI Mobility Radeon X700).

Does anyone have any other ideas we can try to at least narrow down or confirm the fault? As an aside, does anyone know where we could purchase another gpu (US or NZ)? Would any PCI-E laptop gpu be compatible?

- Toshiba Sattelite Pro M70 (M71)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. After giving up hope and looking for a parts laptop or a replacement, our laptop has started back up like nothing was ever wrong. We had left it unplugged for maybe 20 hours before trying again and it now seems fine. Does anyone have any idea what may have caused this? I now doubt it was the gpu, but I really have no clue what caused this now.

    Any ideas?
  2. Well, after working for about a week, it did it again. It shows no signs of ever working again.

    We listened hard, and we now know that it isn't POSTing. Any ideas would still be helpful.
  3. Okay this has happened to my cousins laptop and my friends. My friends laptop would be blank and we here no sound we connect to my tv (or an external monitor) nothing still blank which means his gpu is crapping out on him, we took it apart removed the ram and gpu and reconnect it, and now it works, so check your ram and put it back is one thing but before you do this Ill try one trick that worked with my cousins laptop and friends laptop that had problems with usb. Disconnect the battery from the laptop, and now push the power button five times on the fifth time hold it for aobut 15-20seconds and it should power up fine now.
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