How to configure static public ip in linksys router with pppoe authontication?c

how to configure static public ip in linksys router with pppoe authontication?connect remote router linksys outer.

Ppoe authontication is working and inter also working, I got from internet provider 5 fixed IP, How can I configure in the router, I like to ping the public ip from outside, I need help
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  1. standard linksys routers are not designed to manage more than 1 IP from a wan line. i have a 200.00 linksys rv042 that cant even do that.

    your static IP's are assigned from your ISP, if you use PPPoe i assume you use DSL. I have never had more than 1 static with a dsl provider but i do with cable. this is how i think it should go off the top of my head.

    linksys should be setup as a pass through authen only, in other words it should not route. the out port should go into a server of some type, or a normal comp i suppose if you want to address these IP's on a single box. In windows to add more than 1 IP you need to go into your lan adapter and tcp/ip settings, then advanced, second tab, and enter the ip's under the IP address box at the top. this requires DHCP to be off.

    I have only used a server to handle this while hosing game/file servers. if you want to have your IP's assignable to multiple comps then you should be able to plug them into a switch and to the linksys router then manually set the IP's on teh systems to one of your static IP's. the comps should register with the DHCP at your ISP.

    I use a cisco 1800 series box to assign multiple IP's for more than 1 network in a building. this box is designed to handle such tasks. it lets you set firewalls, IP's to various subnets and network equipment and sounds like this is what you want.

    thats all i can think of right now.
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