No video output from DVI or HDMI, VGA works fine.

I've got a strange problem. Yesterday morning I turned on my TV and had no video signal coming from my PC. I shut it down and powered my PC back on, and still no signal. I switched cables, still nothing. I checked the VGA connection to the PC connection on my TV, and it worked. At first I thought the HDMI controller on my TV was shot, but I hooked up another PC to it through HDMI, and it worked. Now I know the problem lies with my PC.

I have done all troubleshooting, and still can't get a video signal (other than through RGB connection). Through VGA I'm now seeing BOOTMGR MISSING, CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart. In the devices in bios I see all but one of my secondary hard drives. Even unplugging that drive, I still have the same problem. I have switched cards, and know that both cards work, as well as my LCD. I know that my cables work also. Any help would be great, I am lost now.

UPDATE: I'm now in windows on a VGA Connection. I should also mention that there is no video signal even in bios from HDMI or DVI. Going to reinstall drivers now.
UPDATE 2: I'm up and running on a DVI connection on my old 8800 GTS, but I get no signal until windows loads. No video signal from HDMI or DVI at bios.

Core i7 2600K
8gb Corsair Vengeance RAM
Asus Maximus IV Extreme MB
Radeon HD4670
OCZ ModXtreme Pro 600W PSU
Cooler Master HafX Case
3x WD Caviar Black 2TB, 7,200 RPM, 6 gb/s
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  1. ATI drivers may have updated through Windows update and might be buggy.. Try a rollback and/or a total driver uninstall.
  2. Drivers didn't do it, on the 2nd DVI connection of an 8800 GTS right now. No video signal during bios but comes on when Windows 7 loads.
  3. Could the card be physically damaged? It is an unusually hot summer. What temps does the card run at? I don't recall the 8800 series being very eco-friendly.
  4. You replaced and "old GTS 8800" with a "new" 4670???
    Excuse me, but I don't understand... :O :)

    Besides this your problem seems odd.
    It shouldn't be but anyway - may you check for some power issues? Like bad voltage on some lines.
    May you try with another PSU?
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    Oh wait I misread what he did. He replaced the new 4670 with his old 8800. Haha forget what I said about the overheat thing. The 4670 got broke somehow. Sad times.
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