AsRock Extreme4 Z77 mobo headers/disk drive questions

I recently bought an AsRock Extreme4 Z77 motherboard, and when installing it 7 other hardware today, I encountered a couple problems. I have a 6 year old case from a CyberPower prebuilt PC. It came with a Gigabyte motherboard, and used a ribbon cable to connect the disk drives to the motherboard. This leads me to my first question:

-How can I connect my disk drives to my motherboard, if necessary?

From what I've read in the installation booklet about headers, they seem to be unessential because I get my keyboard, mouse and headset connected by USB cables. I also do not seem to have the correct cables from the case to connect the power button to the motherboard with cables. Second question:

-What are headers, and are they essential to my system? If so, which ones?

Third question:

-How can I connect the power cables to this motherboard, if necessary? I noticed that there were power and reset buttons on the motherboard. A lot of questions and detail. Would look this up on my laptop, but I have no power & am at a library. Thanks for any help!
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  1. Really need some help on this so I can return the motherboard/get a new case if necessary.
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