Black Screen after boot up and unable to login.

Hi, I figured this was the best place to ask this but I am not really sure.

Well I guess I will tell what has happened and I would greatly appreciate anyone's advice/idea's to fix this.

Computer Specs(all that would probably be necessary to know, if you need to know more don't hesitate to ask):
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
GC: Nvidia 9800 GT
Monitors: 1x HP w2007 LCD Monitor, and 1x Samsung SyncMaster 174v

Well I am having this really weird problem and I have done some research to try to find out what the problem is but have had no luck so far. When ever I start my computer (I have both monitors HP one is a DVI and Samsung is VGA (I have a converter from VGA-DVI for my GC) plugged in and on) and it will boot up properly etc. but right after the windows emblem and picture disappears (and it should go to the login screen) my Samsung monitor is fine and stays black (like normal because the login screen is on the other monitor) but the HP monitor goes to sleep. But when I unplug the HP monitor from the GC the Samsung monitor show the login screen and I can login. So I tried doing some other thing like booting from Safe Mode etc. and I found out that the HP monitor works fine in safe mode. So I decided to uninstall the GC driver and I restarted my computer in normal boot up and everything worked fine! But when I tried installing the driver it kept failing. So I started it up from safe mode and installed it and restarted my PC and it didn't work. So I am completely stumped and I hope someone can help me! Also I have tried using different GC and it does the exact same thing.

And also the most recent things I have installed in the past couple of days are:

-the new Nvidia GC Driver (?!?!?)
-and update from Windows (SP1 I think)

-If any can I help I appreciate you advise,

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  1. i had some problem like this and turned out to be my motherboard dont no what but changing it worked i wood suggest trying another one just to see
  2. Hmmm, interesting. I would try it but I don't have a whole lot of money atm just to spend (actually because I am saving up to buy a new Preprocessor and motherboard) but what's weird is I just bought a new motherboard last summer. Thanks for the help I will try it and see if there is any luck.
  3. Ok, I am almost positive it has to do something with my Graphics card driver. Because every time I install a driver (even roll backs) the screen goes black. But if I uninstall it everything is fine...anyone know why?

    -Thanks, Clay
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