Asrock P67 Pro3: 5 short beeps, no post

Hello, just an hour ago I've encountered this problem. I tried to wake my computer from sleep and the display would not respond. Afterwards I manually restarted my computer and got 5 short beeps and no post. My monitor doesn't seem to detect anything at all upon turning the computer on. I built this computer maybe 2 months ago and it has been running just fine until today. Any help would be appreciated.

My build:
MOBO: ASRock P67 Pro3
CPU: i5 2500k
GPU: HIS HD 7850 IceQ X
RAM: G.SKILL 4GB Ripjaw x2
PSU: 630W Raidmax RX-630SS
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  1. I just tried re-seating both the GPU and memory but still no luck..
  2. Do you have that on your HDMI port only, like in this thread:


    And/or did you fix it?
  3. Did you ever fix this??? Been having the same problems and driving me nuts :(
  4. same problem here with my p67 pro3 when i plug in my r9 290 tri x
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