ASUS P6T - i7 920 won't post

Hey all!

My system has been working for almost 2 and a half years.

My specs:

Asus P6T
Intel i7 920 2.66Ghz
3x2GB G.Skill
Seagate Barracuda 7200 1TB HD
ATI 5770 Vapor-X 1GB
CoolerMaster Silent Pro M600

So the other day I was cleaning the whole system, even changed the thermal grease of the video card. After putting everything back I've noticed an unusual noise coming from the inside and the system wasn't booting at all.

The video card fan was spinning at top speed, blank screen on my monitor.

Checked all the connections from the PSU to the mobo, cleared the CMOS throughout the jumper and nothing.

So I took everything out from the mobo except for one memory stick and the PSU. I put it outside the case and all I got was about 2 seconds of the cpu fan (the power / reset lights from the mobo were also on)

Another thing to considerate is the I've never used those standoffs under the motherboard, didn't know about those until the other day a friend told me about when I explained this thing. I had a similar problem (the fans were turned on 3 seconds and then turned off) after I bought everything, but I found out that if the top screw (near the power button) had top pressure the system was able to post, I guess it has to be something making contact with the case itself.

When the mobo is out of the case, if I change the over-volt cpu jumper it starts, but again the video card fan is working at full speed.

We've also tried with my friend's PSU, same problem. And he used my video card in his gigabyte mobo, was working fine.

He also used a POST card, only got F / FF codes.

I'll try to change the CMOS battery tomorrow, I'm not getting any beeps! I've read here through the search option, that P6T series has some issues when the CMOS battery is dead.

Any piece of advice is welcome, thanks in advance!!
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  1. I don't know why people want to touch sensitive electronic components if they are working well. It really isn't necessary. You can buy a number of cleaning products that get the job done without risking electrostatic discharge damage. But you learned a valuable lesson. I worked at dell several times and took their course on handling boards/ram/cpus and always had to be strapped in when touching these items. You don't need to re-apply thermal grease if temps are within acceptable limits, up to 72c for newer Intel cpus. With esd damage, you need a magnifying glass to see the blown circuits; some may be on an inside layer where you can't see the damage. Anyway, start with a new board and test the ram one stick at a time; cpus are pretty tough; they rarely get damaged from handling. Look for a board on ebay or anandtech's for sale forum if you want to reuse your 920. You shouldn't have to pay more than $100; some are rma returns in an unopened bag.
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