Need Advice on Gaming Keyboard & Mouse for Alienware M17x


I have recently purchased an Alienware M17x. I would like to purchase a Gaming Keyboard and Mouse now.

My total budget is about $100-$125. The Alienware comes with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

Can anybody help me with reviews/recommendations on what to buy?

Also, can I look for Gamepads too - are they a good replacement for full fledged gaming keyboards?

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  1. i use a logitech G15 version 1 and a MX518 mouse. i love em.
  2. Thanks. Any idea how they compare with Razer Lycosa or Cyborg products?
  3. i do not, the first gen G15 is 5 years old and the 518 is 8 years old. i bought both on release day and i am typing to you on them now. i did competition CS:S with them and still do all my gaming with them.

    i dont care for the shapes and form factors of the razer devices.
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