A question about compatibility between a U.P.S and a P.S.U

I was considering buying this U.P.S (http://www.alpesek.co.il/StaticFiles/documents/Catalogs/24032011124106.pdf) for my new computer that has this P.S.U (http://www.seasonicusa.com/S12II-Bronze.htm).
I heard that there is a problem using a quadruple sinus wave U.P.S (such as this one) with a P.S.U that has different voltage protections (such as S.C.P) because it requires a "pure" sinus wave?
Is it true, and if not is there any other using these two products?
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  1. i don't think you will have any problem with the two , but which PSU are you buying , there are four listed in that page.
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