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Guys I'm thinking of getting the i7 2600k, and I was wondering if 550 Watt would be enough to run it, I got ATI 5670 HD 1GB DDR3, 4GB RAM Corsair. Will I be able to run it with those components? I'm really bad at all the PC hardware stuff, so try to keep it simple? Thanks
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  1. A 550 w PSU should be plenty for the configuration you have.
  2. /agree
  3. It will be enough for what you have assuming you don't have a plethora of other devices HD's, sound cards, etc sucking up juice. You won't have any real headroom for upgrading later though.

    Assuming no OC on the 2600k its peak draw will be ~100w
    Video card is rated at 65w but I would assume a 100w peak to be safe.
    Motherboard will probably pull another 50w or so
    Misc other devices another 50w

    So you are looking at around 300w or so which is fine for that PSU. If you were to upgrade to any mid/high to high lvl video card though you would definitely be pushing it, if not exceeding it on peak demand. It also does depend on how that power is distributed across the PSU though, many PSU's are misleading, they will say 550w but a lot of it might be wasted on unused rails. The demand of that video card is very low so you will be fine most likely even if it is not a "true 550w"

    I always recommend buying a high quality power supply, many people skimp on this when it is one of the more important parts of your system.

    Personally since you are looking at a lower end system I wouldn't bother with a 2600k since you wont have the hardware behind it to really OC well anyway. Save some money and get a 2500 non K series and put the $100 savings into a better video card.
  4. dirtyferret said:
    based on your comments; please don't give any more idiotic advice.

    Mind your manners
  5. abekl said:
    Mind your manners

    Agreed, and it isn't idiotic to let someone know they aren't leaving a lot of headroom for later. He either didn't read my whole post or is just in a bad mood.
  6. So I am wrong for giving an extra 50w headroom on the current setup??

    All of those cards are in the low to low/mid range. He would definitely be pushing it or exceeding if he went into the higher end cards. If he were to upgrade to a high end card you would want around 600w, and that's assuming it is a true 600w PSU, not a cheap one. I don't see where I am wrong in my advice especially since I said it is fine for what he has currently.
  7. If you want to run things right up to the limit be my guest, I prefer to have some breathing room in my systems. That chart shows the GTX 580 pulling ~400w yet manufacturer recommends MINIMUM of 600w and 42amp on the +12v rail (which many 550w do not reach) to avoid any issues from spike power draw.

    You are also assuming he has a solid high quality PSU with quality rails and high amperage. We don't know this so i would lean on the side of caution especially given the lower level components listed already.

    Either way, the point is mute, as I said in my first post his PSU is sufficient for his CURRENT setup, but might be a bit low if he upgraded to high end cards. My point also stands that going to a 2600k is a waste of money on that system, especially with that video card. A 2500 non K series would be a much better choice, and even then it wont even be utilized fully in most cases.
  8. With the latest "Core temp" program installed (witch shows the power usage from the CPU) my highest power draw from my CPU was 130 W in Intel Burn Test. This was i7 2600 k @ 4,5 GHZ. I dont know how accurate is the Core Temp software mesurement ^- . Probably @ stock speeds the i7 wont draw more then 100 W
  9. 1) I never stated that his 550w PSU of unknown quality wouldn't be sufficient to handle a 2600k with his current setup.

    2) I only stated that it might be pushing it or be insufficient under certain upgrade conditions especially since it is of unknown quality

    3) No where was I wrong, (unless you consider a measly 50w being wrong) no where was I "embarrassed" and no where did I misstate facts.

    What is a GTX 580ti? You mean a 560ti? That is still considered a mid range card and so is a 6950, who is misstating facts now?

    I only stated the GTX 580 as an example of a high end card that would definitely be pushing the limits on a 550w PSU of unknown quality, especially since the manufacturer of most of them recommends 600w minimum. I stated this only as an example of what would probably be unacceptable for his PSU so he knew what he can and cant expect to be able to do upgrade wise.

    According to your "facts" in the context you are using them essentially any upgrade will be totally fine on his 550w PSU of unknown quality, and that is patently false.
  10. /Facepalm

    You are the one trolling, you keep stating things I never said in an attempt to somehow make me look wrong to save your own face.
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