I networked my house to my fathers. No problems, can send files seamlessly, print to his printers ect. However I can't ping him. The most basic thing, but it just says something like "unknown host" or "request time out", ect. This wouldn't bother me but I can't use PCAnywhere 9. Just won't see him. Has me absolutly baffled... Downloaded Linkview Classic Network Analyzer and it isn't seeing any errors at all! What the ?????
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  1. Try setting each computer with an IP number. Set the main server at, the next computer at and so on. After that, try pinging your father. Plus, if you are running an NT or 2000 network, remember to set permissions to alow yourself to ping eachother. From the sounds of it, it sounds like you are using "automatically assign an ip", which is a definate no no. Never let windows take over your network.
  2. If you are pinging by host/computer name instead try using the machine's IP address. Remember Microsoft windows products like as the IP address for the server/gateway and 192.168.0.x for the workstations. Also use for the netmask. Finally make sure you are using TCP/IP as the network protocol on each machine - you shouldn’t need any other protocols (except in some rare situations. ie. NetBEUI for playing MS Hearts on networked Win95 machines).
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