Need a good 500W PSU for Dell Inspiron 530S

Hello community of Tom'sHardware! This is my first ever post on the website.

I'll start here. I recently bought a NVIDIA 9800 GT, not knowing how large it was(...), and I'm pretty sure that it won't fit into my Inspiron 530S. I wouldn't mind leaving the side of the PC open if it's safe. But the real problem is: My PSU is a piece of garbage. It's only 250W and I am in desperate need of an upgrade. Any suggestions for a PSU that would fit in my slim Dell Inspiron 530S?

I'm on a budget also since I'm a full-time sixteen year-old highschool student. I have to deal with what my dad gives me which probably won't be more than $60.

Also, if there are no suggestion/advice you guys and girls can give me, i'd love a suggestion towards a graphics card good enough for my current Inspiron 530S that would run StarCraft II smoothly on low detail even.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. you got one of those slim cases hey?

    its uses the tfx form factor psu's

    this is the best you'll find in that size

    as for graphics

    could you please list your full specs so we can make a reccomendation that will be balanced for your pc and needs
  2. I bought this one from PointTek which was 400W and its been running non-stop for more than 8 months by now.
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