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MSI Z77A-GD65 Bios update question

Hi, I have a GD65 at bios ver. 10.0. MSI's own "Live Update 5" program doesn't work when updating bios. It goes through the flashing process, the restarting, then the bios doesn't actually update at all. How else can I update it to the newest version?

If I do, will I lose my overclock/other tweaks?
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  1. Have you checked your current bios file? At the post screen, press the "pause" key and write down your bios file number. If your system is working fine, I don't recommend updating the bios; you may lose a setting, especially if you're overclocking. Some are "greyed out" after updating a bios file.
  2. Could you please explain what is the "post" screen? msinfo32 shows that my bios is still 10.0. Live Update 5 shows it as "A0.0", and prompts me to update all over again.

    I am trying to update the bios to attempt to fix 2 issues:
    1: can only do 4.5Ghz stable overclock with manual Vcore 1.260 or higher. Auto Vcore = BSOD; I want to keep some power saving features on.
    2: as suggested on another forum, it could be preventing (Steam) Skyrim from running(it crashes upon start, no cinematics whatever)
  3. Try live update again. Press the "del" key after you start the system to enter the bios as the system posts and check for any "boot block" or "hardrive write protection" settings in the bios files and disable them. F10 save and exit. Then you have to download the "live update" program, install the program on your hardrive, and reboot. Then start the program while you're online; if it works, a small black window will appear as the bios file and updated drivers are loading. Be patient and don't touch any keys. Let it finish. It will prompt you when to reboot or do it automatically.
  4. Hi, I could not find any "boot bock", "hard drive write protection" or anything similar or linked to such functions on my bios.

    The update through "Live update" has been done numerous times, ms dos opened, words filled it, loading and all, and it rebooted automatically. When it's done rebooting, nothing changes. Bios still unupdated. How can I fix this or update the bios alternatively?
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    Bios version 10.5 is the latest file. There is an optional zip download for flash drive or floppy drives, but I haven't used them in awhile. Sorry I can't help you there.
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