Possible CPU problem

I built a system about 5 month ago and all has been running smoothly, but the other day when i went to turn the system on it would just turn on for a couple of seconds then turn off and back on and would repeat this process. I check all the connections and re-set the GPU and ram, this allowed the system to power on but i was faced with a new problem

and it just stays like this.

I have swapped out the ram and the gpu but get the same problem so im beginning to think it could be a problem with the CPU.

Any input would be great
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  1. On the MB is there a clear cmos button or in the MB manual is there a jumper setting to either clear cmos or switch to the other bios.
  2. Yup, I'd try the other BIOS as suggested above and clearing CMOS.
  3. If this is the Gigabyte ud3 I had the same problem, ended up RMA'ing the mobo and got a asus extreme3 instead. I hope the BIOS fixes things for you.
  4. RMA, motherboard has gone bad.
  5. Couldnt find any thing to switch the BIOS but i cleared the CMOS and that hasnt fixed it. Could it be the processor that has gone or could it be the mobo? would i be covered by any warranties?


    that the mobo
  6. Gigabyte has a decent warranty.

    1) Fill out this form: http://rma.gigabyte.us/DirectRMA/EndUser_Main.asp
    It took me two days to get my RMA approved, then I shipped it in(At my cost). After they emailed me a shipping label/RMA number and some more info to fill out. Mine failed after 3 months, but I think it's a 2 or a 3 year warranty so you should be well within fine, minus the cost of shipping. It took about a week for them to get it, and they sent out an email saying they received it, and that's where I am right now. In all it seems like at least a two week process, so if you need a computer in the interum, buy a replacement board and sell the board GB sends you back, or return the temporary board depending on your own moral guidance.
  7. GB has 3 years from date of manufacture, which is based on serial number.

    Couple of days to get RMA and about £10 by courier.

    Word of warning, make sure cpu socket has protective cap over and take photos so they can't come back and say it has been damged by user/courier thus voiding warranty.
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