Help find the cause of my computer crashes

I've been a reader of this site for years but have hardly used the forums up until now, so please forgive me and relocate this post if it's in the wrong spot or tell me if there's any problem with the way this question is presented so I can fix it asap.

Now, my problem is that recently, while playing Starcraft 2, my crashes without warning. When the computer crashes the monitor either stops receiving input and goes blank, or the screen freezes, and sometimes my speakers emit a harsh noise too.

I have a few theories as to what might be causing my computer crashes and any input in favor or against any of these ideas would be appreciated. My hypothesis's are:

1) My room is too hot. I live in NYC and it's been around 80-90+ degrees almost every day lately. My CPU, intel Core 2 Duo E8400, with a large, aftermarket air cooling heatsink, running at stock speeds, idles on average anywhere from 33 to 38 degrees Celsius and goes up just into the 50's under load. My graphics card, an 8800 GTS idles anywhere from 63-71 degrees Celsius and goes up to the low 80's under load.

2) My graphics card, CPU, or main hdd is dying. I think it might be my hard drive because I have a cheap, 64 GB Kingston SSD and I've heard that SSD's have a tendency to be screwy sometimes.

3) My Windows installation is corrupted. It's a possibility, but not a likely one.

Any input helping me diagnose or fix my problem is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Many crashes are memory related and in this case it could be the Vram on your GPU. All your temps are fine. I would start running memtest just to eliminate system ram, then diagnostics on your SSD if both pass then most likely the GPU.
  2. NYC too hot? Try living in Rio...

    Have you experienced the same with other games?
  3. I haven't tried playing other games, but I have tried running programs-Prime95 and Video Card Stability Test-to try and put load on my CPU and GFX card, and my computer was fine.
  4. Are there any patches that you have not installed for the game? Maybe updating drivers for the card will help.
  5. rolli59 said:
    Are there any patches that you have not installed for the game? Maybe updating drivers for the card will help.

    All patches are installed and my GFX driver is up to date too. On that same note, I also uninstalled and reinstalled the game to try and rule out problems with the game.
    I'm also taking your advice from your previous post and I'm getting memtest and trying to find a program to test my SSD now.
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