Green pixels/artifacts - XFX 5870

Hi, I got problems with my XFX 5870 1GB DDR5 card, green pixels/artifacts coming up on the screen.

So far ive tried many versions of the graphic driver such as 10.4, 9.8 and so on, this does not help.

The cable is also plugged in correctly and the card running 29C idle and around 50-60 when gaming. When I played crysis 2 maxed out it was on 58C so its a incredible card. These green artifacts does not, I repeat DOES NOT appear when I game.

Let me also add that I bought this pc used from my pal who did NOT have this issue. It came after I plugged in my harddrive with my OS and my files ++. So I thought maybe my old drivers are in conflict with the new ones, so I reinstalled the OS and also format my harddrive. This did not help.

Ive ran out of options here, help..and the worst thing is I think the warranty is over(((( the card was bought somewhere in 2010...this sucks ass if I cant RAM it.

So guys, help me out here please, this is a incredible card and I love it but these artifacts are making me crazy :<

Let me also add that the memory clock is 157mhz and 300 mhz according to CCC, and the settings are 850/1200. Ive heard a simple OCing will remove the artifact but I dont dare to OC cause im afraid to break the card completely.

Andddddd, one last thing...if I cant solve this problem, its not dangerous to just let these green pixels just be as they are? It won't hurt my card or something? :S

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Can anyone help me out here???
  2. RMA if might have damaged the card when you got it from your friend.
  3. I asked him now, he actually had the same problems before I got it.
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