Liquid, Water Cooler? or Basic Cooler

Guys, need advice, i am using Cooler Master V6 cooler now for my system, i2500k, gtx570, 4g corsair ram, and i saw some fellows hooking up water cooler, very interested. so would like comment should i stick with cooler master v6 or maybe change to liquid? or maybe Water cooler(Koolance or dangerden?
what is the preformance for liquid and water cooler? linking all the parts with water cooling really help much?
Sorry english not my native language. Thanks
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  1. Are you seeing high temps now with the cooler you have?

    Do you now or plan to overclock and realy push the boundries of the cpu and gpu?

    Do you live in a very hot climate without the benefit of air conditioning?

    Those are the first things to ask yourself.

    If you answered yes to the above then full blown custom water cooling may be something to seriously concider.

    If you run things close to stock and your not overheating then air should be fine.

    Another concideration to get a taste of liquid cooling without spending a fortune is by trying one of the Corsair Hydro series self contained unit. Antec also makes a system too. These work well for basic cooling needs and light overclocking. Now these are just for the cpu. Im running the H100. I am just dabbling in OC'ing with my 3 day new pc. At just a condervative OC of 3.7 on my I5-2500k my temps havent gone over 36*C running Prime95 for hours.
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