Can Wrong AC Adapter fry motherboard?

Hello, my nephew put an adapter in my cousins laptop and it does nothing now, could that have friend the motherboard? As far as I know the charger he put in is not even a laptop charger as they only have 1 laptop at the house. I was not there and have no seen the charger he tried to use but I know it cannot be a laptop one.

I tried taking out the battery and using adapter with nothing happening. Tried taking out ram just to see if it turns on, nothing. No lights, no noises nothing at all. I am guessing he fried it? Any other way to check if a motherboard is fried? Thanks
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  1. Can Wrong AC Adapter fry motherboard?
    Yes, it happens, when the power of the adapter is lower than the laptop requires, for example, your original adapter is 90w and a 65w adapter of lower voltage can not provide enough power, which might cause harm to both the adapter and laptop.
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