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Hello, i am purchasing a set of corasir sp2200 2.1 speakers and a corsair hs1a headset, and i am confused about what sort of sound card i should get to complement these. My hifi has just packed up and i would like something that can provide decent music and sound for games. I have a 2500k and a p67 ud4 b3 rev (gigabyte). Would appreciate any suggestions or advice on how to begin choosing a sound card.
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  1. Intel or AMD? And for which socket processors?

    Motherboards aren't universal. The way to do it is to select a price range for a CPU, find the best CPU in that price range, and then look for a $100 mobo that it fits into correctly
  2. Depends on how much you want to spend.
    Asus and Auzentech offer quality cards with great price/performance ratios.
    You could spend as little as $30 for an Asus DG or $200 for high-end cards.
    $100 will get you a very nice card these days.
  3. As stated i already have a 'intel' 2500k and p67 mobo. Its a sound card im looking for.

    Im in england so prices a little different, but i have seen good reviews for asus xonar ds, ideally i want to spend under 50 pounds.
  4. Nothing wrong with the card you've mentioned.24bit/96kHz
    ASUS Xonar DS 7.1 - £ 33 Inc. VAT
    The DX is nicer.24bit/192kHz
    ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 - £49.99[Awin]~Computing%20accessories~07929964
  5. Ok cool. Sorry if this sounds stupid but will i notice an obvious performance over the on board sound, with both the speakers that i suggested and the headphones.
  6. Why don't you wait, and see how your new speakers sound using the motherboard integrated HD sound?

    You can always get a sound card later.
  7. Good point, sounds so simple but i didnt think of it lol. The speakers im using are some 17 pounds 2.1 logitech speakers, and for the money their good but i am hoping the sp2200s are going to be alot better.

    Maybe thats what i will do, get the headphones and speakers then see from there. But i do know what im like and will keep thinking about card till i get one.
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