Best video card for 500 watt PSU

hi everyone....

i want to buy a new graphics card,, am currently using the geforce GT 220 nd i want to upgrade it without the need to change my PSU,,,,, i prefer nvidia but i've no problems of using ATI,,,,,, so please help me out .......
how about the gigabyte geforce gt 430 1 gb ddr3 OC version???

my system Spec are:

proc : intel core 2 duo E7500 @ 2.93 GHZ
ram : 4 Gb DDR 2
motherboard : gigabyte G41
GPU : MSI Geforce Gt 220 1 gb
PSU : 500 Watt
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  1. u should go with HD 5850 ...........or u can also try gtx 460........both are having 256 bit interface......
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