confused about WAT i need for a vid-edit pc. HELP!

ok heres the situation. i hav a Panosonic NXDV100 camcorder. and wanna get a pc for video-editing on a hobbyist level.i dont wanna spend more than £2000 (dunno wat that is in $)and im so confused about should i get a Apple pc or a Windows based PC. heres a system i found for getting a windows system:

Athlon 1700XP
512 ddr ram
64 geforce 2 mx
80 gigs ATA 7200rpm with 2mb buffer
16x DVD
24x16x32 CDRW
Audigy (with firewire)and 5.1 Speaker setup
For £1204

Now my problem furthers with WinXP. How good is it for video-editing, i hav it on another pc, and i really like it as its so stable, blah blah. And that deal can come with either ME or XP, wat should i get? Also I have a DV camcorder, do I need a Capture Card (i already have premiere 6.0) ???? If so, wats compatible with WinXP (please take in mind that i dont want the hassle of messing around with drivers, etc).

Another question, why r G4 Apple pcs often considered better than Windows based PCs, i mean they ahv lower processeur speeds and hav really limited extra like CDRW, etc. but, how come they dont need capture cards, just a firewire? im soo confused, heeeeeeeeelp!

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  1. Ok I aint got an Apple so I really can't say for sure but I think that the reasons that they go faster on certain software is that the software is native to the Apple. Any time you port an app you loose a little and I'm betting that that Apples are only faster on software written for for Apples. I have also heard that they run twice the buss width so an Apple at say 600MHz would be roughly the same as a PC at 1200MHz. Also some Apples are multi-processor and the software is written to take full advantage of the MP enviroment. Lastly they may be faster for the same reason that AMD XPs are faster then p4s at the same clock. All that said I'm betting that an Apple and Apple software is not within your stated budget. If you are seriously thinking about an Apple you should find a board that has more Apple people on it.

    As I understand DV what you need for "capture" is a firewire (IEEE-1394) port and the Adobe software you already have. See <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> for more info. Apples all have firewire built in already but most PCs require an add on card.

    I'm not sure what the current exchange rate is but I think 2000 of your money units is about $3000.00usd.

    XP is the future. It is stable but is more demanding on your system (not as efficient). ME is more established and will be easier to find drivers for in the beginning. So ME for less trouble now XP if you are thinking about the future.

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  2. yes, i would go with a pc system for now. if you have premiere already, then all you need is the firewire card. which you can find online from $20+ USD. firewire is a capture card/port. there are other types of capture cards. but for your needs all you need is firewire. macs have 3 bays for hdds and the superdrive is everything in one (dvdr/cdr/cdrom). there are also external hdd's and cd drives you can hook up. i'm tempted, but i'm going to hold off for the g5's, man those things look nice! btw, lakedude, you wouldn't happen to be using that RTMac board? i read a review (i think on videoguys, not sure) and it sounds like a really nice board.
  3. the audigy has the firewire on it.
    so does that mean i dont need a capture card like a Pinnacle DV500 or something. im confused.
  4. Need_Help

    If everything's compatible, you will have all you need with the Audigy (IEEE-1394 connection), your DV camera and Premiere 6.

    With DV, the term "capture" is actually inaccurate since all you're actually doing is copying the DV file from the camcorder to the hard disk. It is already digitized as DV by the camcorder so there is no "conversion" when you transfer it to the PC. IEEE-1394 also lets the Premiere control the camcorder during the "capture" process allowing you to transfer just what you want from the tape. This is where some of the compatibility issues come in.

    My guess is that everything will work as long as it is all XP compatible. Adobe has information on camcorder compatibility on it's site as does Creative (not much yet). Microsoft must also be happy (OCHI compliant) with Creative's "SB1394" version of IEEE-1394 implemented on the Audigy. If Creative wants to stay in business, I'd assume it's compatible.

    go here: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    and check out:
    "The Desk Top Video Handbook On Line 12.0"

    It's got some good information and should answer most of your questions.

    Good Luck

  5. If you are in the UK, Look at
    You will get extencive help over there.
    Having a card like the DV500+ is not required but will speed up your work since it have Real Time Features. the DV500+ also come with a full version of Adobe Premier 6 so you save money on it and Impression DVD SE for DVD Authoring.
  6. Scubdude
    Make it clickable <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> by enclosing the url with the letters url in the front and /url in the rear in square brackets.

    He already has Premier.

    He can get his feet wet by buying just a firewire card and decide later if a dv500 is worth the bucks. Since he already has the software he will be paying for it twice if he gets a bundled version of the card and I don't think it comes a la cart. I don't think at his level he needs to be buying an expensive card that he doesn't need.

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  7. thanks a lot. is a real help.

    plus cheers for the advice.
  8. hmm, thought that question was obvious, but nevermind.
  9. 1. Making it <A HREF="" target="_new">Clickble</A> is time dependent. I hope that the users here are smart enoght to cut and past a URL in days that I have not time to fix it.
    2. I didnt say He need the DV500+ BTW - Premier 6 don't really add to the card price since Pinnacle are getting them for about 15$.
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