Just switched out cases, now computer isn't working

So basically, I got a new case, switched all of the hardware over from my old one to it, and now it doesn't work. When I turn it on, the processor fan, system fan and the graphics card fans all turn on. Then after about 10 seconds, the system fan and processor fans turn off, but my graphics card fan remains on. And meanwhile, nothing is happening on either of my monitors. Here is my sloppy list of hardware:
AMD Athlon x4 2.8ghz
Nvidia Geforce 460
Antec 750w Power Supply
WD caviar blue 640gb Hard Drive
A disc drive of some sort.
And a M2N78-LA(?) motherboard
I'm posting it in CPU's because the only idea I've had so far is reseating the processor.
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  1. Sorry about the delay, but i'm back. I assume by Pcie connectors, you mean the 6-pin coming from the power supply? And yes, I have standoffs beneath each of the screws on the motherboard.
    And I will start looking at the link moto gave me.
  2. Oh, and one possibly important thing I left out. When I was removing the graphics card from the motherboard, I broke a small plastic switch that helped lock it in. The graphics card still fits in the Pcie slot, and it barely budges when I apply force to it. I just thought it was worth noting.
  3. That little clip isn't a killer, it helps hold the card in place but your pc will work fine without it so don't worry :)
  4. Alright, that's good to know. But I just completely reseated the motherboard, and checked everything. When I plugged it in, I got the same exact result : (
  5. You do have the correct plug in the cpu 4/8 pin slot and not a pcie (graphics power)?
    Can you try another known good psu on it?
  6. Yeah, I've triple checked my cables, so I'm 99% sure that's not the problem. And yes, I have the power supply out of this computer, so I'm going to test it really quickly.
    Also, I just tried clearing the CMOS settings, same conclusion.
  7. OK, I just tried it, and you wouldn't believe what happened. The same exact thing. I'm beginning to think it's a mobo problem. Although I didn't actually cause any physical damage to the hardware other than the Pcie clip thing I was talking about.
  8. Assuming you dont have the resources to check the chip on another mobo, its looking like the mobo is at fault then :-(
    Do you have another compatible mobo?
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