My CPU's making noises after i changed its capacitors.

the title says it all...I found out that 3 of my cpu's capacitor have been bloated and I had them replaced with a new one, and now the pc's making some noise.

Any ideas here?


I don't know if these helps but here's my motherboard
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Often it's combination of the PSU and capacitors the only solution is to replace one of the offending parts <or> you can 'try' if possible to slightly OC the CPU. If the capacitors aren't the same EXACT spec then return it to whomever did the repair and request their replacements; assuming the problems wasn't present beforehand.

    Further, a bad PSU can cause the capacitor failures in the first place...catch-22.
  2. Hey thanks for your reply, but after googling around I found out it just my fan making the noise, disconnected it and the noise is gone. thanks anyway man!.
  3. Yep the CPU fan can do that too ... I based my comments on your comments of origin...

    Good Luck and I'm glad you traced the correct source! :sol:
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