5770 Eyefinity with DP? Or Dual/Triple Screen?

Hey guys, tru here with a question.

I recently picked up an old LCD screen from a friend. It runs 1280x1024 and is in pretty good condition. Currently I'm running dual eyecancer CRT screens. The main screen is a non-flatscreen one running at 1280x1024, while the second screen is a flatscreen running at 1156x854. All of them are running VGA cables, so my 2 DVI ports are full with DVI to VGA converters.

I'm considering 3 choices:
Run Eyefinity with all three monitors (supposedly you would need a screen hooked up to the DP port, so DP to VGA converters anyone?),
Swap out the smaller resolution toe smasher CRT for the LCD and swap it with the other as my main screen, or
Put the LCD near my bed for a small movie/video screen and leave one or both the space heater CRTs just as they are

Would it be possible to run Eyefinity with my smaller resolution monitor, and if so will my 5770 handle it? If not, should I dump the smaller screen?
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  1. Nice Tron background :P

    What resolutions are the screens? I really wanna know if I can run Eyefinity with mismatched screens.
  2. The screens are all VGA as follows:
    1280x1024 LCD (a Dell one if I'm not mistaken)
    1280x1024 CRT non-flatscreen (no name one, but good color)
    1156x864 CRT flatscreen (eMachines from my last OEM desktop)

    The two CRTs that I have right now are set up in a dual screen format like this:

    I want to run them in this format so the wing screens are the same size:
    Eyefinity: {LCD}-{FlatCRT}-{NonFlatCRT}

    If I decide to ditch the small one or not run Eyefinity:
    (Dual) Desktop + Movie Screen: (FlatCRT)-{NonFlatCRT}-----------------{LCD}
    Updated Dual Screen: {NonFlatCRT}-{LCD}

    If I do go for the triple screens/Eyefinity, I need a DP to VGA converter. Where would I get that?
  3. Now that I take a step back and look at the three screens, the CRT bezels are pretty huge at about an inch or so per side. I might just wait until I get more LCDs.

    I chose the 5770 because it was the best budget card that would do Eyefinity and not at ridiculously low FPS. Eyefinity with a flight sim would look awesome.

    I really want to run at least two screens because it helps me with my productivity. That is, I work on my secondary display and whenever I take a break and game a little, the work is still staring me in the face just on the other screen and I get guilt tripped back to work :non: .
  4. I got my HIS 5770 for 90 AFR at the egg. I tried to get one from TigerDirect for 80 AFR but they messed up my shipping address and got sent back by mistake. They did refund my money, so it as all fine. I might OC it if I have the time and patience, but right now it's running on stock stats.
  5. Specs are:
    AMD Phenom II x2 555 BE @ x4 B55 3.6Ghz
    MSI AM3/AM3+ Capable Mobo
    4 GB (2x2 GB) GSkill RAM
    500 GB WD Caviar Blue 7200 RPM SATA HDD
    80 GB WD Caviar Blue 7200 RPM PATA HDD
    HIS AMD Radeon HD 5770
    500W OCZ ModXStream PSU
    Random DVD-RW drive
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