How to hook up this fan controller?

So, i bought the Lamptron Fan Controller from newegg:

The problem I face now is this: my fans are using molex, but the fan controller uses 3-pin.

How do I attach them to the fan controller? I really need to know this soon, and if it is a part I need, can you give me a link?

Any help is greatly appreciated
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  1. Actually, I think I need a simple molex 4pin to 3pin adapter, as each fan needs it's own direct path to the fan controller, so I can control the speeds. I don't need any of my fans to be connected to the motherboard, do I?

    Also, this is beside the point, but I have been trying to figure out a build for the rest of the computer...the AMD side has 8gbs of ram, and a 6540, whereas the Intel i5-2500k has 4GB, and integrated graphics. What would you suggest to get? Ironically, the intel build is cheaper.
  2. Intel. Upgrading ram is far easier than processor. And I looked everywhere and couldn't find one for some reason. If i were you just go into micro-center and explain your situation.
  3. microcenter or fry's near me...:(

    Closest computer shop is owned by a complete retard. Tried to tell me a 320GB HDD was $120. No clue what he is doing at all.
  4. bwahahahahha! I'm so sorry. Did you tell him that you could get a 3 tb drive for that?
  5. I told him that, and he swore up and down I had no clue what I was talking about. So on the way out the door, I told him he could take his $120 320GB HDD and shove up his ass.

    Before my girlfriend met me, she was computer illiterate, and her wireless wasn't working. She took it to him, all he did was a system restore, and charged her $200 for that, and claimed that he was giving her a deal!!! I can understand a small business owner marking up price a little bit, but that was fking ridiculous.
  6. Coastaltuba said:
    I told him he could take his $120 320GB HDD and shove it up his ass.

  7. sig'd? No idea what that means...I'm newbie
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    well I was going to put it in my signature, but it's not working...

    EDIT: got it!
  9. oh, lol
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