GFX card and PSU

Well, I've been running this system I have faithfully for a few years now and I decided it's time to upgrade the GFX Card so I can play Starcraft 2 better and WoW with more FPS.

Here's my specs.

Dell Inspiron 531 (I know lol)
AMD Sempron LE-1250 2.20 GHz
32 bit
CD RW/DVD Rom Drive.
150gb HDD.
Nvidia GeForce 7300 LE
300 Watt PSU

Here's the documentation on my Motherboard.

Here's the PSU I want to get.

Then after I get the PSU, I'd hope to install this GFX Card.

Since my box is a standard Dell box and it's kinda small. I wasn't sure if this PSU or GFX card would fit. Any tips or suggestions are much welcomed.

EDIT: This is what my box looks like with the side off.

The computer only has a CPU and a box fan and ofcourse the one that comes inside the PSU. I have never ran it with the side on. For example, the front and side are just metal. Now I would like to know if this would shaft performance or not.

EDIT2: I had the wrong PSU posted at first.
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  1. Your graphics card requires a minimum 400W or greater system power supply (with a minimum 12V current rating of 24A).

    Your power supply has +12V1@25A, +12V2@18A.

    Put the pieces together and the answer is, yes, this power supply supports that graphics card. I would suggest a higher wattage PSU. 500 W is very low for this day and age. It will be unusable in a year if you need to upgrade yet again to a new GPU or CPU. These parts are only going to draw more and more power as the years go on.
  2. Alright so now that that is settled. Do you think these would fit in this tiny dell case of mine?
  3. For that kinda money, I'd get an XFX Core Edition w/ it's 9.5 jonnyguru performance rating.

    Since my box is a standard Dell box and it's kinda small. I wasn't sure if this PSU or GFX card would fit. Any tips or suggestions are much welcomed.

    Measure the distance from the slot to the HD cage and confirm that the card's length is shorter.
  4. That TR2 is junk. $65 for a PSU that still has that little red voltage select switch? That's messed up. The PSU Jack listed is great, but more expensive then the one you were looking at. The Core edition 550 might be easier on your budget.

    Or if you don't want to bother with a rebate you might not get newegg has the Antec Neo Eco 520W for $64 shipped. Either of these is a better option then the ThermalTake you listed.

    Do you have a 531 or a 531s? If you have the s or the slim model that video card isn't going to work.
  5. I do not have the slim. That PSU you listed "4745454b" will power up the video card I was planning on getting?
  6. Yes, or else I wouldn't have bothered to list it;)
  7. "a PSU that still has that little red voltage select switch" yes the psu he chose is probably crap but seriously, a red switch does not make a psu bad or good. I personally have a 4 year old and 6 year old 470w tr2's and both have been very reliable. Reviews have been mixed about them depending on the exact model as different tr2 models are made completely differently. Having said that there are much better PSU's for the money, this one is of older design and have had questionable reviews. Also the gtx460 is better than a gtx550ti and cheaper. an ati 6850 would be better again. Either of those cards would run fine from that PSU even if it isnt the best psu. Better off with a PSU from Antec or Seasonic.
  8. I feel it does. If it has the switch then its based on an older inefficient design. Why spend the $$$ on a PSU with the switch that isn't 80% certified, when you can spend similar money and get one that is. The other is also more likely to output its rated power as well. To me, just seeing that switch tells me I want to keep looking.
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