Cpu thermal paste and cooler recommendation

What CPU cooler and thermal paste would you recommend for 2500k?
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  1. A CM212+ would be fine provided your case is at least 7.5" wide.
    Comes with a tube of pretty good paste.
    Hard to beat for under $30.
  2. I saw that the corsair H series are quite popular too. A mix if liquid and air fan cooling system. Though the price gets probably higher compare to others
  3. 212 EVO is the new version.
  4. Unfortunately the Corsair H2O and similar coolers have a history of leaks that can cause hardware failures.

    The link below shows HSF and H2O cooler test data based on the CPU brand being used as heat spreader area affects the HSF performance. Any of the top 10-15 TIMS will give the same results within 1-2C.

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