Overclocking e7400 multiplier changes

I have an e7400 processor and I changed the FSB to 300mhz but the multiplier keeps on jumping between x10.5 and x6.... How do I get it to stay at x10.5?? Is it ok to keep those settings? I'm running a stock computer without any fancy cooling so I'm not sure if I'm actually going to break something :heink: . I'm a new to overclocking and its the first time i have ever tried it so go easy on me :na:
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  1. Disable Intel Speed step! Monitor your temps is the first rule!
  2. ^+1. Also the e7400's come with crappy thin heatsinks and should be changed if you are overclocking. A cheap coolermaster hyper tx3 will do a good enough job for that cpu.
  3. I disabled the intel speed step and it is still jumping around... Monitoring my temps and right now I'm running at 35C... Bus speed 300mhz... multiplier jumping from x6 to x10.5 still... and core speed jumping from 1800mhz to 2850mhz... I'm probably just being an idiot but this is exactly how I got my pc and I changed it all back to the way it was and really haven't stuffed around with anything...
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