IS the Intel GMA X4500 HD any good for an home pc

Eg. movies, word, simple 2d gaming ( Bejeweled ) Just about anything my mother could torture it with...

I mean it does do what it does in an okay fashion right?

For an accelerator... Dam i hate them...

Anyways just light home use,
i've heard it lag's on HD videos is this correct?
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  1. It should be fine for 2D games and HD video.
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    Hmmm, if it's something you have already, it wouldn't be too bad.

    But, I would not build a new one. The RAM is DDR2, more expensive, older, and slower. Same for the CPUs on the old 775 socket, there becoming more and more rare.

    You could build a new Sandy Bridge with Intel integrated graphics. But, you'll find a AMD offers more for the money. CPU's aren't as fast as Sandy Bridge, but, mom won't need that speed and AMD integrated graphics have no issues with video & HD video.

    Something like this will be very, very, nice:
  3. +1 for the AMD or Sandybridge or even a Socket 1156 build
  4. even if does start to lag, you can always add one of them htpc cards. like the 5450 n such. you can find one for about like 40 bucks or so. but you shouldnt have any problem at all with videos and 2d gaming.
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