AMD Radeon 6310 or NVIDIA GeForce 9400M (G) /ION (LE)

I'm trying to make a decision between two similar laptops, one has the AMD Radeon 6310 and the other has the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M (G) /ION (LE). I've seen at least one web site that lists the ION as slightly better, which confuses me, because the 6310 scored higher on the 3dmark01,3dmark03, 3dmark05, and 3dmark06 test. Wouldn't this make the 6310 the better video card ? Or is there something else that is more important that I should be comparing ?
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    3dmark is only one benchmark. It definitely has some merit, but the closer the scores are, the less definitive the result is.
    Looking on notebookcheck the 6310 appears to be 19% better than the ion. For the most part, the 6310 will be better, but depending on the game the results could change.
    I just noticed, though, that the 6310 doesn't have as many benches as the ion, so it might be different than notebookcheck suggests.
  2. A laptop with any of those two GPUs won't be good for gaming, but I would recommend a laptop with E-350 (6310 graphics) over one with an Atom/ION combo. (mostly because of the higher single threaded CPU performance)
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  4. Thank you both for answering
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