Monitor turns off, must unplug & replug to get picture back

I have not been able to solve this bizarre problem:

When I start my computer, everything works fine. After windows loads, I hear the "bah-BUM" sound effect for adding or removing hardware, like when you plug in a thumbdrive. The monitor goes black and says "no signal." Sometimes it comes back on on its own after a second or two, but usually I have to unplug it (HDMI) and replug it. The computer makes the "Add hardware" sound again, and the monitor comes back. Strangely, this also happens when I plug in my headset (3.5mm plugs.)

I CANNOT figure this out.

Relevant specs:
Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Geforce 275
Hanns-G HH251HPB

When I first built the computer, the video card was not seated properly because the case was slightly bent and I didn't notice. I'm suspicious the video card or slot is damaged. The off-brand monitor is also a suspect. Anyone have any ideas? At the very least, I wish there was a log somewhere of added / removed hardware so I could at least see what the computer thinks it's doing.
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  1. Sounds silly, but does the monitor have speakers? Even if it doesn't, I would go to nVidia's website and download the latest HDMI Hi Def audio driver. Sometimes these don't get installed in addition to other drivers.
  2. That is a good idea, given the weird connection to sound devices. The monitor does have speakers, but I don't use them and didn't connect the video card to the sound, anyway. However, the Nvidia driver said no relevant drivers were on my system, and exited without installing - anything else?
  3. I have the same issue! I own a EVGA GTX 690 by Nvidia and this issue has only recently been happening. It seems I have to unplug the hdmi and replug it order to fix it sometimes even that doesn't worth any help here would be hot.
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