System freeze problems.

Hey guys, I have a problem that's got me at wits end, and I'm hoping that the Toms community can help me out...

I have a Core i7 990X with an Intel DX58SO2 motherboard, 12GB of RAM, and a 6870 graphics card. I built the system 7 months ago and everything was fine. About 2 months ago, I started to get BSODs with a 0x124 error. This is usually associated with RAM issues on this motherboard. I replaced the RAM and all seemed good for 2 weeks. Then I started to get the BSODs again. I called Intel and was told that it was probably the motherboard that was faulty. I RMA'd the motherboard and replaced that, but upon turning on the system the CPU was running too hot. This was my fault as I didn't apply enough thermal paste. It never overheated or anything like that, it was just a little warm for my taste. I installed an Antec Kuhler 920, and after installing it, now my computer will randomly freeze. No BSOD, it will just stop responding... I've tried using different hard disks, and replaced the video card, and am still getting the freezes.

I've been told that if the CPU is seated improperly, then it might be causing the issue, but I've never heard about that before... (I can get into the BIOS and run MEMtest86+ for 4+ hours without a problem.)

Has anyone else ever experienced this problem? I've been fixing computers for years, and never run into a problem like this before... If anyone has any suggestions for how to fix this, I'd LOVE to hear them.


Update: When it freezes, it sits there for about 45 seconds and then restarts itself. (CPU temps seem normal)
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  1. If its rebooting itself theres a good chance that theres something logged. Have you checked event viewer?
  2. When I check the event viewer, I get a Kernel-Power Critical error. There is no additional information besides that. This is different from the BSOD errors I was getting before. One of my friends suggested that it might be my Power Supply. I'm using an Antec Trupower 650W and never had a problem with them before. Is it possible for a PSU to just go bad? I'm also using an older APC UPS battery backup. Is it possible this might be the cause of the problems?
  3. If the APC is not giving out the right amount of juice, then it could be starving the psu thus your lockups.

    Bypass apc and try with the psu plugged directly into wall socket.

    Also check voltages from PSU and BIOS reading for cpu and thermals.
  4. I'll have to try plugging it into the wall tonight and see if that makes any difference. I did check the voltages from the PSU using the Real Time Hardware monitor within my BIOS and they don't seem to be fluctuating at all. They are all within 0.2V of what their stated voltages should be.

    I'm going to purchase a new PSU today as well and will try that to see if it resolves the issues.

    Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!
  5. Final Update:
    It was either a bad CPU or motherboard... replacing both again. Hopefully that will fix the problems.
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