New pc build randomly freezes?

Hello, so i recently re built a pc, i am new to this and everything was going alright, so i have,
Windows 7 64bit
Pentium, dual core processor
Samsung spinpoint 1tb f3
4gb unknown ram kit 2x2gb sticks
gigabyte g41mt - s2p
450w psu
nividia geforce 7300 le
pci wifi 54mbp/s

So as it goes i have installed windows and started installing programs then it freezes so i restart and then go to install avast and then it freezes. So i decided to reformat the computer and reinstall windows. the problwm carried on, i thought it might be the drivers so i updated the video card driver with diffuculty as it kept freezing, i installed all of the drivers that came with the mobo as well. Although the problem has not happend as freqently i can not intall software with out it freezing.
Any ideas?
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  1. Might be more of an hardware related problem try running some hardware scan like memtest, testmyhardware, etc.
  2. jaja it sounds like a cpu/ram problem. also, make sure u put enough thermal paste on the cpu wen u re installed it.
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