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Ati graphics Compatibility

Hello,i recently purchased a motherboard with the amd 760 ati hd 3000 chipset. The problem is i bought it thinking i could do multi-monitor since it had a dvi and vga. problem was that it only had one ramdac. i know that ati Radeons are compatible with other ati radeons in surround view. i just wanna make sur that it is 100% compatible. so heres the specs..

Motherboard with onboard graphics:

Graphics card i wanna buy cause its cheap:

If you have any suggested graphics card to get. just need basic graphic and i dont wanna spend to much.
I put three there so you could possibly tell me your suggestion to buy.

Thanks to everyone who takes time to help.
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    You really are tying to be as cheap as possible aren't you? Well, all those cards suck, but if you're not doing any 3d graphics I guess you don't care. Anyway drivers are the problem here, since the X600 and X1300 cards are no longer supported. While AMD provides some legacy drivers simply for compatibilities sake, if you want to use your onboard HD 3000 as well you will have to use Catalyst 9.3 or older. You can see more about it here
  2. Thanks for the help.. Probably will invest with something a little bit moderner to avoid any un-updated hardware.
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