Looking for a new quiet case (recommendations)?

I have a Cooler Master Storm Sniper case $150 when i bought it actually bought 2 of them. 1 was for my old computer which i sold. The case is awesome, but its a bit to loud. i want something new and QUIET...... My parts that will be in it are an// I7-860 cooled with Hyper 212 plus// MSI 560 Ti GPU// intel510 120GB ssd main HD// samsung 1T HD// and seasonic 750W gold psu//. So i need a case thats quiet and can cool those parts... i'm also looking at getting a corsair H100 or H80 depending on the case.. CASE price around $100-$150
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  1. I have 2 recommendations as to why you should buy First the Antec Silent series chassis head onto there website and see from there. Second the Cooler-master Silenceio its a new silent case by coolermaster but is nowhere near as quiet as the Antec range as there are flaws with cooler masters design.
  2. both cases are great pilk, but keep in mind this morsel:

    The bigger the fans, the less noise they will make...as a whole. This being said, a 200mm fan base for a case will most like be quieter than a case with 120mm-140mm fans. If $150 is your budget, the HAF 932 is a great case, as well as the HAF X if you have a higher budget. This Rosewill is another one i like to recommend:


    Remember though, depending on your HSF settings and your GPU HSF settings, a quiet case will be pointless. Both of those fans you have on the gpu and cpu have high rpm settings and noise levels. If you are going quiet, a WC Loop and maybe a fully enclosed case would be more to your style.

    Honestly, any of the cases listed here are going to be under the db's of those two components.
  3. Hey Casual...well i would reccomment the H80 as it is great value for money or even the H70...the H100 is double the size and if im not mistaken, the H100 is the same as the others in respect of the pipes...cannot be removed( will become damaged ) so will sit inside so compact but effective will be H80...try getting the Coolermaster fans that came with the scout...Pilk and i have the Scout and the original fans(140mm) are pretty quiet and still great for cooling, the only draw back i experienced with them is that the wire design is stupid and my LEDs in the fans would just fuse over time...as a case is concerned the silencio i would give top notch for...as it looks awesome and is very quiet...well from what i have seen...
  4. BTW We Both Replaced our fans complately...FYI....Coolermaster FTW
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