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Best graphics card......

What is the best graphics card i can buy for my computer,it has 1 sata 6 pin connector and a 450 watt power supply!

Thanks for the help !
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  1. That's not too much information. We need to know your processor as well as your motherboard.

    With what's given, an HD6850 would the best, as it requires only one 6-pin PCI-E.
  2. Radeon 6850 if you have a good Tier 3 or better PSU, a 5770 if you're not sure.
  3. my processor is a dual xeon3520 with ht and speedburst and 24 gigs of tri channel ddr 3 ram!does this help?
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    That' computer..

    But I'd upgrade your powersupply. All that RAM and 2 processors on 450W is pushing it.
  5. shadow can it handle the 6850?which one from the list!
  6. ^ I agree.You will need a better power supply to run bigger cards like the 6850.

    Out of of that list of 6850's i'd say the MSI Cyclone.

    It has a nice high O.C. for a factory O.C.'d card and it has one of the best heatsinks.
  7. ok thanks...i think i will upgrade the power supply to the 600 range will that be enough?
    thanks !
  8. thanks for all the help going to go 600 watt and the cyclone!!!!!!
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  10. You can't just get any 600watts PSU.It needs to be of good quality or else your really no better off than the 450watt.Make sure you get a PSU with at least 40~50 amps on the 12/v rail.

    Iwas going to order this one with the cyclone is it a good choice!

    or this one?it's a 750watt!
  12. which one i have the money to cover the 750,should i get it?
  13. Both are those are fine but I would want Modular if I'm going to spend that much money on a PSU.
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